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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age at which people can operate lift trucks?

Lift truck operators should be over the minimum school leaving age (MSLA), except in ports where they must be at least 18 years old.

How often do I need to take a forklift retest?

There is nothing laid down in law about this but the Approved Code of Practice states that “refresher training should be given”. This is further reinforced in the Workplace Transport Regulations (2005) which can be downloaded

For this reason, many employers arrange for refresher training and re-testing at somewhere between 3 and 5 year intervals. In the event of an accident the authorities would want to know when the operators involved were last trained and if that was a very long time ago, a court may deem that it has been too long and that refresher training should have been given. This link to the HSE web site explains their position on refresher training

If I take a finance plan with Forklift Training UK can I pay back early?

Our payment scheme allows you to settle your finance plan early –with absolutely no penalties or charges for doing so and you only pay interest on the time you have the finance agreement. This is exclusively available to customers booking courses through Forklift Training UK.

Why are our prices so low?

We pride ourselves in having the most competitive prices. At Forklift Training UK we believe training should be available to all unemployed, employed and employers at low rates so as long as it helps promoting health and safety in the workplace. This does not mean we do not adhere to a high level of quality training as set out by ACOP, HSE L117.

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