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Rules & Regulations - Forklift Training Information Pack

Forklift Training Information Lift trucks are widely used for moving materials and goods, but they are involved in about a quarter of all workplace transport accidents. The deaths and injuries caused can ruin lives and businesses. Even when an incident does not cause injury, it can still mean costly damage to lift trucks, buildings, fittings and goods.

This leaflet is aimed at employers and those responsible for the safe operation of lift trucks, as well as those in control of worksites, the self-employed, managers and supervisors. Employees and their safety representatives may also find it useful.

As an employer you are required to provide basic training and testing for all lift-truck operators you employ (both new and existing). Properly trained operators can reduce the risk of lift-truck accidents in your workplace.  An ‘operator’ in this leaflet is anyone who operates a lift truck, even as a secondary or occasional part of their job, not only those whose job title is lift-truck operator.
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Who should you train?

Potential lift-truck operators should be:

  • reasonably fit, both physically and mentally, to safely control and operate lift trucks, with the learning ability and potential to become competent operators;
  • reliable, with a responsible attitude to their work;
  • physically capable – you should assess this on an individual basis. You may need to get medical advice and make reasonable adjustments to enable some disabled people to work as lift-truck operators. The Equality Act 2010 is likely to apply;
  • over the minimum school-leaving age (16), except in ports, where they must be at least 18 years old, unless they are undergoing a suitable course of training, properly supervised by a competent person. Children under 16 should never operate lift trucks.

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State the reasons for operator training, the risks associated with lift-truck operations and the causes of lift-truck accidents.

State the responsibilities of operators to themselves and others, including their duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of other people and co-operate with employers and others to help them comply with their legal duties.

Identify various forms of load, and state the procedures for their stacking, destacking and separation; assess the weight, and, where relevant, the load centre of a load; and decide if the load, with its known weight and load centre, is within the truck’s actual capacity (safe working load).